What makes our BETTER BODY BOOTCAMP and ULTIMATE YOU workouts so unique is that they emphasize total-body functional training. While traditional gym workouts using machines may improve strength, functional training better prepares the body for real-world activities like climbing stairs and lifting groceries. You’re learning to carry your body around, instead of going to the gym to SIT DOWN on machines, which is counterproductive to real life.

These workouts also can burn a ton calories and improve overall total body fitness, something running, cycling or only doing one type of activity will never do.

Being truly fit encompasses more than being good at one activity. When you do do that, you often will comprise other aspects of fitness, which is also counterproductive.

Another benefit of these workouts: they mix periods of very vigorous activity with short rest breaks, and so are considered forms of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT workouts maximize fitness gains in the shortest period of time.

And that’s something you can appreciate, more work, less time...BETTER RESULTS.

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