The BWOW - exclusively at LVG.

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The BWOW - our Board Workout of the Week is a weekly workout paired with a chalkboard drawing that changes weekly and is available free of charge to members at anytime. Members have access to over 400 workouts in our Leverage Playbooks. Did you know, the letters LVG and BWOW are always hidden in the drawing? Can you find it?

Gone are the days where the hot summer sun covers our bodies like a blanket of hot, steamy sweat. Soon, the snow covered ground will make its way as we say goodbye to the warm green tints of summa. As fall and winter approach, the chilly air and cold snow will kiss our face and blustery winds will flow through our sultry hair. The cool crisp months are the perfect time to work hard indoors as we anxiously await for the warmer months ahead. Spend more time on keeping your summer body rather than working for that summa body.

More results-less time.