Anyone who works out know that clichés come with the territory -

"Feel the burn"

"You are what you eat"

"No pain, no gain"

But, just because a phrase is common doesn't mean it's true.

Clichés can be used as shortcuts—

"She's as cute as a button"

"I’ve painted myself into a corner"

"It's as easy as pie"

They make sense when we don’t want to make the effort of searching for a new description or finding that perfect verb.

In speech, clichés are common; using them makes for quick communication.

In fitness, they can be very misleading.

Let's think about this one -

"Abs are made in the kitchen"

Many fitness gurus are quick to say that but let's think about it further.

First, it's just not that simple to think that way. And, it depends what a person means by "abs".

Are we talking functional abs or visible abs..or even shredded abs? Each requires a different set of "rules"

The truth is that many variables come into play. And these variables depend solely on the type of person you are (your level of motivation and commitment..and genes) and that dictates what you need to do to meet your objective - in this case, whether or not you want functional abs, visible abs or shredded abs.

So, while the saying, "abs are made in the kitchen" might be somewhat true if you understand what it REALLY means- don't forget that the gym and kitchen are equally as important.

On another note...

The guys and girls on the magazine covers, in supplement ads, or posing down in a bodybuilding contest, built those bodies IN the weight room, and then employed superhuman discipline to stay OUT of the kitchen while dieting down to photo-ready shape.

And lastly,

According to Lou Schuler, award-winning journalist and contributing editor to Men’s Health-

"Those abs you see on the leanest guys/girls may have been started in the gym. They may have been enhanced in the kitchen, mostly by staying out of it.

But they were finished on the treadmill (cardio) Which could be the least motivational cliché of all time."