Everyone is searching for the perfect diet. Stop looking, because there isn't one.

Go to Barnes and Noble. There's an entire section dedicated to this - hundreds of diet books, each claiming that their way is the best and latest breakthrough approach. The claims made by such diets are written and marketed by the company itself so of course the information surrounding it will be extraordinary.

The discussions of nutrition/diet/weight loss/obesity are important topics these days. If a certain diet approach was that much of a scientific breakthrough it would be plastered all over the news. But it's not.

We all want the "quick fix" approach and this leads us to try all of these fad diets and strategies. Do they work? Maybe. But they usually aren't a long term solution and often cause rebound weight gain.

The difference between these fad diet books are found it the marketing and not necessarily in the message. Some commonalities of the books are very similar. Examples are:

Eliminate or cut back on junk and fast food

Eat your vegetables

Eat smaller meals throughout the day

Cut back on sugar and refined carbohydrates


Yes, there are other tips but that's the premise of every single book on the shelf.

Here's how things usually go...

Person A starts a new diet on Monday and follows it for four days. They eat pizza on Friday and may have a few drinks. They skip the gym on Saturday. On Sunday Person A happens to run into Person B at the market while grocery shopping. Person B looks fabulous and lost 20 pounds. Person A inquires about Person B's diet and gets a new plan. Person A abandons old diet because it hasn't worked for seven days.

Reality? Yes. 100% yes.

What person A doesn't know is that Person B is not on a crash diet but rather is dedicated, committed, and works on a meal plan and exercise. Person B doesn't start and stop and doesn't always give in to the "I MUST HAVE PIZZA" cravings.

You have to be committed to eating well. Pick a healthy diet...any healthy diet. And follow it to a "T". Stop quitting. Be strong. If it's your sister's, neighbor's, son's birthday...TOUGH. Don't look for reasons to cheat. Don't be weak. Conquer your goal and move on to the next one. You CAN do this. Don't get to a point where you HAVE to do it. Allow every decision you make move you one step closer to your goal, not backward.

It's time. It's time to stage the biggest comeback of your life.