Looking Great after You’ve Lost the Weight

So you’ve finally lost those extra pounds. Keeping that weight at bay can sometimes be just as tough of a battle. The perfect insurance policy for weight maintenance is purchasing a few expensive, well tailored pieces of clothing to add to your wardrobe. It’s a great reward for all that hard work and a good way of keeping your body in-check.

Clothing is your external reflection of mood and mode. The right clothing, tempered with proper fit, texture, and color is a keen measure of confidence and personality. Expression and experimentation are wonderful; however, mild adherence to traditional attire trumps that of fad apparel.

Before you run rampant in the nearest department store, visit local clothing boutiques and locate a salesperson who has an eye for style. Be slightly conservative in your approach. Sometimes dramatic weight loss can lead people to dress inappropriately. Save the leather pants for the night club and the yoga pants for yoga.

Just because you lost weight doesn’t mean you need to ditch your entire wardrobe. If your clothes are too big, but made of good quality, a trip to a tailor is the perfect remedy. Clothes with the proper fit will make any size look fabulous. And don’t forget to accessorize. A handsome watch calls attention to strong forearms and great earrings and necklaces draw attention to the face. Accessories are the final touches to a perfect outfit. They allow you to personalize your look, and give you the confidence to feel totally put together.

Losing weight isn’t just about vanity though, it’s much deeper than that. A true testament to creating an overall healthier image is Marybeth, a client of mine. Marybeth was over weight most of her adult life and struggled with self confidence and self esteem.

“My husband became ill and, as a result, I completely neglected myself to take care of him. Sadly, my husband passed away and I found myself struggling to make ends meet. I worked two jobs to support myself and my son. A year after my husband passed, I set out to reclaim myself. Simply put – I had no style. Shopping for clothes was never enjoyable. I was a size 16 at my heaviest and now after working with Tim, I am a size 6. I feel strong and the healthiest I’ve ever been.”

– Marybeth, age 51

For Marybeth, losing weight wasn’t about achieving the perfect body or fitting into a specific size. It was about redefining herself both internally and externally.

“Losing the weight completely bolstered my self image and I feel amazing.”