Muscles can ONLY grow larger or shrink.

Technically, you can't tone a muscle because muscle already has tone.

The look of tone that you're after is muscle definition.

Muscle definition comes from reducing body fat- AND NOT DOING "TONING" EXERCISES.

I'm not even sure what a toning exercise is.

Muscles respond to a stimulus.

You have different types of muscle fibers within a muscle.

Some fibers respond to heavy weight- lower reps. And some respond to lighter weight and higher reps.

Higher reps won't tone you. Neither will doing lower reps - yet, people still try. And people still get frustrated.

You can't tone fat. Fat is fat.

You can't turn your jiggly arm fat into muscle.

You can "shrink" your fat by losing it.

Excessive cardio compromises muscle...eek, this is not really optimal.

You can be thin but still have a lot of fat. How? Because you shrunk your muscles and now you might be weaker.

Feeling strong is awesome. It's empowering. Ask anyone who's strong.

However, it's not for everyone. And that's ok.

Nor is being big or strong or buff required to be a healthy, contributing member of society. is in your best interest to do something physical as our bodies were meant to do physical work.

You can run, do yoga or anything else you want that's getting you to where you want to be.

Just don't be lazy.

And don’t waste the incredible gift you’ve been given – a healthy, functional, capable mind and body.