"Reach for Perfection and Catch Excellence"

Erin graduated from King's College in 2010. While attending King's, she played four years of collegiate varsity soccer. After training and competing at the collegiate level, she wanted to continue a high level of fitness. She joined Leverage Fitness Studio a little over a year ago. She quickly discovered this was the place where she could reach her highest level of fitness. Her interest in the fitness industry, along with helping others, peaked during her time at Leverage. Erin followed through on this interest and achieved her group exercise instructor certification through the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA). she enjoys working with people of all ages and levels of fitness. Erin believes if you have a "can do" attitude, absolutely anything can be achieved. With that being said, not every exercise program is made for everyone. You need to focus on a program that best suites your individualism and personal goals. Eating properly plays a huge role in being physically fit, but one shouldn't focus on a specific diet. We should instead educate ourselves on developing a healthy eating lifestyle. Exercise is part of life, not just a temporary solution to a short-term goal.

"Don't let Perfection stand in the way of Progress"