Jennifer believes it is never too late to improve your health. She enjoys helping people of all fitness

levels become the best version of themselves by creating a fun environment where you are challenged

and feel accomplished after every class.

Jennifer has always held a desire for helping others. She graduated from Misericordia University with a

degree in Social Work and certification in Addictions. Jennifer has been a Social Worker for over a

decade and through her professional and fitness journey realizes how much physical and emotional

wellbeing go hand in hand.

Jennifer discovered her love for fitness four years ago when she became a member at Leverage Fitness

Studio and took her first Primal Scream class. She has always been involved with sports and coaching,

and after retiring from coaching she knew she wanted to take her physical fitness to a new level.

Jennifer watched her body completely transform over a period of two years. Her results came from

pairing flexible eating habits and consistent training. It was only natural at that point to take what she

learned, her desire to help others and ability to coach to the front of the class to instruct.