The Setback:

I was diagnosed with PCOS, which is a hormonal imbalance that often causes sudden and irregular weight gain, infertility, depression, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

After nearly ten years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, I proudly delivered triplets, and then, less than 14 months later, had our fourth child.

As happy and as proud as I was, I had to quit my full-time job as a Registered Nurse to stay home and raise our babies. I found myself depressed with the lack of adult interaction and the demands of being home with four children under the age of 2-yrs-old. I then decided to open my own business, Super Bounce in the Midway Shopping Center.

I had absolutely no time running a business and being a full-time stay-at-home mom, but I was tired of making excuses.

The Wake-Up-Call:

I found myself getting more and more depressed from being so out of shape after having four children back-to-back. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, lacked patience, constantly felt exhausted, and was eating all the wrong foods, using the same excuse of lack of time to meal prep and be active.

The Comeback:

I spent a lot of time on Facebook when the kids would nap. One day, I happened to catch a video of a mom I knew (Alissa Marianacci) from my daughter’s class. She was working out and looked amazing and strong and her daughter was next to her doing jumping jacks and sit-ups and they were having fun! I decided to ask her how she found time to work out with two small children and working nights and her answer was simple, “I just get up and go no matter how tired I am”. No excuses. She then started tagging me in more posts and sending me links to Leverage Gym and that’s when I saw a 5:30am bootcamp and I knew I had to do it.

The workouts:

After completing my first successful bootcamp, I was so proud of myself and felt like I gained a ton of strength in just those few short weeks. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to try more classes and my husband was beyond supportive after seeing my entire attitude change and how much more energy and patience I had with our children. Now, I can proudly say after being a member for over a year, I go every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and when I can I go Sundays too. Working out at Leverage is now just part of my weekly routine and something I know I must do to stay mentally and physically strong for my family.

The Nutrition:

The nutrition was a challenge for me because I wasn’t used to meal planning. However, I realized no matter how strong I was getting, I had to eat healthier or I wasn’t going to see and feel the muscles I was working so hard to sculp. After making a few simple nutritional changes the weight just started to fall off. For example, I swapped out pasta for zucchini noodles and now start my day with a healthy protein shake instead of boxed cereal.

The Shout Outs:

I never would have known about Leverage if it weren’t for my friend Alissa Marianacci posting videos of her workouts and her progress and all her words of encouragement. I also am so thankful for my husband’s support and all the amazing friends I have made at Leverage! Last but certainly not least, all the trainers who come to class so full of life, positivity and amazing energy! They are always beyond prepared with notes and challenging workouts and great music. I love going to all the classes offered at both locations and am so beyond thankful to Jennifer Lombardo, Tim Hlivia, Danny DePhilips, Dori Williams, Jessica Youngblood and Jessica Piazza for being so warm and welcoming and non-judgmental. Every one of their classes I have done and recommend this gym to everyone I know. It’s the best I’ve ever felt in my life!

Recent Accomplishments: Being chosen for member of the month is my biggest accomplishment this year!

Age: 41

Employment: Business Owner – Super Bounce

Registered Nurse – Pathways Home Health

Registered Nurse – Geisinger Wyoming Valley

Substitute School Nurse – Wyoming Area