The Wake-up Call: I decided to get fit instead of buying new clothes. I feel great now most of the time and have fun doing the workouts. Not to mention Leverage has a great bunch of people surrounding you- staff and clients!

The Comeback: I continue to come back bootcamp after bootcamp but it's not the only reason that drives me to come back. We are a family at Leverage. We do things outside the gym like bus trips to NYC, weddings, cookouts, holiday celebrations and just hanging out.

The Workouts: I love doing Better Body Bootcamps at Leverage. They are early in the day and get me on track for the rest of my day. They continue to be challenging, but I'm told that's a good thing.

The Nutrition: I love pizza. I try to keep it at one small pizza per week (when I am being good). Eating healthy is time consuming and expensive, but the food tastes much better and I have more energy. I recently started watching what I was eating and began eating smaller amounts more frequently and I had tremendous results- losing 12 lbs in about 3 weeks!

The Shout-outs: The staff is always there for you from answering questions to doing whatever they can to make Leverage a great experience. The instructors kick my butt every morning and provide great workouts.

Age: 60 in October 2019

Employment: Same job for 25 years

Recent Accomplishments: Finished 4 years of bootcamps