The workouts:

My workouts with my personal trainer, Erin involve a little bit of everything. We focus a lot on full body strengthing exercises while incorporating some lighter weight circuits. On my own, I supplement this with elliptical and some variations of cardio/core exercises. There's really nothing flashy or complicated about it. Erin has helped me know when and how to increase weight to keep things challenging but safe.

The shout-outs:

After God and the Academy, I'd like to thank Erin, the entire Leverage staff, my boyfriend Mike for being supportive and willing to adopt healthier eating habits along with me, my friends and family, and my fellow LIFT buddies who have been beside me to cheer me along the way and keep me motivated.

The nutrition:

No single factor has been as vital to my progress as the changes in my diet. Without total elimation of any food group, I had to realize how much I was consuming and make small simple steps and listen to my body. I'm a carb lover, so occasionally I still indulge in pizza and waffles, but all within reason. I eat a lot of protein and added more greens to my daily eating habits. I'm proud to say these small simple steps have worked. I've lost over 20lbs since Janurary 2018 and I feel great!