The Setback:

Kelly: Attending pharmacy school which lead to constant take-out, eating at all different times, and endless amounts of caffeine with little to no exercise

Joyce: Finding myself bored with nothing to do after sending both children off to college. I was living the true meaning of Empty Nest Syndrome and became disappointed in myself.

The Wake-Up Call:

Kelly: The biggest size that I had ever been was beginning to become snug on me. Along with, my triglycerides and cholesterol being elevated to the point that if I didn’t change my habits I was headed to medication to lower them.

Joyce: Receiving bloodwork results showing my blood pressure and cholesterol were high.

The Comeback:

Kelly: I came home from college in May, and my mom was this new person after being at Leverage for a couple of months. I thought to myself there is no way my mom can be hotter than me. From then on, I was determined to get that glow that she had and be comfortable in my own skin again.

Joyce: Finding the courage to walk through the door at Leverage and the confidence that followed from being part of their community.

The Workouts:

Kelly: The workouts are different every single class, which makes you want to make every class. They are never boring and something that I’ve never come across before at a gym. The instructors challenge you, but also give modifications if you just aren’t there yet for some exercises.

Joyce: I remember my first Primal Scream class like it was yesterday. I literally rolled from station to station, but I was determined. I suddenly found myself loving all the classes and decided to take my fitness to the next level and signed up for Lift (group training). Now my workouts are a blend of all my favorites- bootcamp, Lift (group training), and classes.

The Nutrition:

Kelly: I had been at Leverage for about 2 months, and I was seeing results but I wanted to get that next level. Jenn sat down with me and basically told me these are the foods I should be consuming on a daily basis to optimize my results. I was able to figure out the correct portion size for me and how to make healthy food not boring! I went from 6 cups of coffee a day to none and pizza to every once in awhile.

Joyce: With a little coaching from Jenn I learned how to meal prep, eat the right foods at the right time, and the right portions.

The Shout Outs:

Kelly: My mom for pushing me to attend my first Primal Scream class, and introducing me to such incredible people at Leverage! To Jenn, my personal motivator, nutritionist, and overall awesome human being for showing me I had the potential to get this point and feel and look this great. To all the Leverage instructors, for pushing me at every workout and the constant encouragement. I can’t thank Leverage enough for helping me get control of my life again and getting me back to being healthy!

Joyce: My friend Susan Lombardo for getting me to my first Leverage class. Melissa Kelly for helping me step out of my comfort zone during our Lift sessions. All of my fit-fam and friends at LVGP. Last, but certainly not least, my amazing daughter Kelly Mitchell…Team Mom-Daughter.

Age: Joyce- 53