The Setback:

The unexpected loss of my sister 7 years ago flipped my world upside down. I was faced with many challenges that began to take a toll on my health when I quit smoking 4 years ago and started gaining weight.

Wake-up Call:

The weight gain, constant trips to the doctors, and feeling dissatisfied when I looked in the mirror. I needed a change!

The Comeback:

Participating in classes at Leverage Fitness Studio has inspired me and given me the confidence I lacked. Each new bootcamp encourages me to keep pushing harder.

The Workouts:

I started with a 2-day evening bootcamp. I eventually added a Monday night Primal Scream and a Saturday class. I found myself excited to try more classes. Due to my personal schedule with work and family I have moved to 5:30am Bootcamp 5 days a week and love it! Between bootcamps, I eagerly wait for pop-up classes and open gym time.


Nutrition has been and is still a struggle for me. This is the next area I want to improve. It is time to balance my food intake and be consistent with it.


I am forever grateful to Jenn Ciampi and Michele Sickle for encouraging me to join Leverage and start my first Better Body Bootcamp in September 2017. I’d like to give a shout out to Jess Youngblood, Danny DePhillips, and Jenn Lombardo. They have inspired and encouraged me to believe in myself and push myself further than I could have imagined.